Fleet Management

Support for Your Waste Hauling Fleet

Comprehensive Waste Fleet Management

Wastequip wants to partner with you to keep your business up and running. That’s why we created Wastequip WRX. We can service your entire fleet, unlike some of our competitors that handle only one type or brand of waste product. Wastequip WRX is the final piece in the Wastequip waste handling equipment puzzle.

Recycling and waste fleet management are complex. Businesses in this industry must deal with vehicles and drivers, carts and bins, dispatch and administrative services, and commercial and municipal customers. Plus, decisions must be made about capital investments and operating outlays. Wastequip WRX is here to make at least one aspect of your job easier: service.

Efficient Servicing Supports Fleet Management

Maintaining your waste and recycling fleet in peak operating condition is essential to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. An effective, cost-efficient preventive maintenance and repair process is required, and that’s what you get when you partner with Wastequip WRX for your equipment service.

When your trucks, tarps or hoists need servicing, our skilled technicians are here for you. We have the service expertise and parts you need to take care of all your waste equipment. Let us keep your fleet up and running so you can focus on running your business.