Compactor Service Solutions

When you need maintenance, installs or repairs on compactors and balers, you can trust the industry’s leading waste equipment service provider. Backed by the power of Wastequip and our nationwide service network, Wastequip WRX provides repairs, installation and maintenance for all your compaction equipment needs.

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When needing to install compaction equipment, trust Wastequip WRX’s industry professionals to handle the job for you, while your team focuses on other important tasks.


Wastequip WRX uses quality parts and industry-leading expertise to make sure your compaction equipment performs at peak operating quality for years to come. Our nationwide team will identify problems and provide on-site repairs to minimize your downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of the curve and prevent breakdowns before they happen with our preventative maintenance service packages. Wastequip WRX has you covered with a variety of service options, all provided by industry-experts.


Save time and money by utilizing Wastequip WRX's compactor refurbishment program. Turn your disabled or non-functional compaction equipment into a top performer and prevent purchasing unneeded equipment.

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Compactor Services Portal


* = Service tiers’ availability may vary depending on location